Saturday, January 6, 2024

‘This is a book about real people, real stories, real heroes. You might not know their faces, and you might not know their names – but once you’ve met them, you’ll never forget them.’

Ben Shephard is passionate about people – their lives, their stories and their challenges. Presenting one of the UK’s most popular TV breakfast shows, Ben frequently meets people with stories that reaffirm our collective faith in humanity.

This is a book about those special stories. It is about the real people Ben has met and their real acts of everyday heroism which inspire and lift us all up, even on the gloomiest days. From the old friend running marathons to raise money for children with heart conditions (and roping Ben in with him), to the man fighting for our right to safe housing, to the founder of an equestrian school that helps trauma survivors; these are stories of ordinary people who have taken it upon themselves to make the world a better place.

In a world that can feel increasingly complicated and divisive, Humble Heroes is a rousing tonic to remind us of what we can achieve through determination and positivity – and of the essential goodness of human nature.


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